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Faculty of History and Philology

Dean's Office: Room 601, Building 4, 14 Studencheskaya Street, 308007, Belgorod, Russia
Phone: +7 4722 301850
Dean of the Faculty of History and Philology Andrey I. Papkov,
Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor
Institute of Pedagogy

Dean's Office

Assiciate dean for educational work - Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor Marina V. Polovneva; e-mail: polovneva@bsu.edu.ru; phone:+7 4722 301852

Associate dean for extramural education Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Inna G. Onoprienko, e-mail: onoprienko@bsu.edu.ru; phone: +7 4722 301852

Associate dean for social work - Sergey N. Prokopenko ; e-mail: sprokopenko@bsu.edu.ru; phone: +7 4722 301300*2750

The faculty has 58 teachers including 13 PhD and 42 candidates of sciences.

Structure and teaching staff

Department of Philology
Head of Department - Ph.D., professor Vera K. Kharchenko, phone: +7 4722 301300* 2826

Department of Russian History and historiography
Head of Department - Ph.D., associate professor Marina A. Sergiyenko, phone: +7 4722 301883

Department of General History and Foreign Regional Studies
Head of Department - PhD, professor Nikolay N. Bolgov, phone: +7 4722 301883

Educational activities

The Faculty teaches philologists, historians, teachers of Russian language and literature, history and social science teachers, experts in the field of document management and specialists in the field of foreign Regional Studies (regions of the world).

The faculty of History and Philology offers the following Bachelors Degree programs:

  • 44.03.05 Pedagogical education with specialization in:
    • Russian language and literature;
    • History and social science;
  • 45.03.01 Philology with specialization in Russian philology;
  • 46.03.01 History;
  • 46.03.02 Document and archive management with specialization in Documentary and personnel records management.

Master degree programs:

  • 44.04.01 Pedagogical education with specialization in Language education;
  • 45.04.01 Philology, Russian literature program;
  • 46.04.01 History, Russian and world history program;
  • 46.04.02 Document and archive management, Documentary and personnel records management program.

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