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Institute of Law

Directors office 85 Pobeda Street , building 13, floor 3, room 3-16
Phone: +7 4722 301226
Director Evgeny E. Tonkov ,
Dr. of Laws, professor


There are 7 (seven) departments in the Institute:

  • Department of the Theory and History of the State and Law;
  • Department of Civil Law and Procedure;
  • Department of Administrative and International Law;
  • Department of Constitutional and Municipal Law;
  • Department of Labour and Entrepreneurial Law;
  • Department of Criminal Law and Procedure;
  • Department of Forensic Inquiry and Criminalistics

At the department of The Civil Law and Procedure the scientific-research laboratory of the Law Research Functions is created.

In 2014 he began his work of Mediation Centre.

At the department of the Criminal Law, Procedure and Criminalistics the following institutions are created:

  • Scientific and Research Laboratory of Criminology;
  • Center of Independent Examination Themis.

Education at full-time and extra-mural departments is conducted at the institute by 75 highly-qualified specialists, including 10 Doctors of Sciences and Professors.

Currently, the institute trained more than 3,000 students

Training Programmes

Institute of Law implements the following educational programs of higher education in 2016-17 academic year:

40.03.01 Jurisprudence (educational program specializations: Civil Law, Criminal Law, International Law), term of apprenticeship: 4 years intramural form of study, 5 years - extramural form of study;

40.04.01 Jurisprudence (masters degree program), term of apprenticeship: 2 years - intramural form of study, 2,5 years - extramural form of study with the following programs:

  • Civil law, Family law, International private law;
  • Civil process, Arbitral process;
  • International public law, European law;
  • Entrepreneurial law, Commercial law;
  • Legal support of business (Business lawyer);
  • Criminal law, Criminology, Penal law;
  • Lawyer in public administration and law enforcement;
  • International legal regulation of migration processes, Migration law of Russia, Administrative-legal regulation of the Federal migration service of Russia (in cooperation with the Department of the Federal Migration Service of Russia for the Belgorod region);
  • Banking law. Legal regulation of investment activities (in cooperation with the Belgorod branch of OJSC "Sberbank of Russia");
  • Lawyer in public administration and law enforcement;
  • Legal regulation of relations in healthcare;
  • Legal regulation of using special knowledge in the Russian proceedings.

40.05.01 Legal maintenance of national security (educational program specializations: Civil law, Criminal law, International law), term of apprenticeship: 5 years intramural form of study, 6 years - extramural form of study;

40.05.02 Law enforcement activities (specialization: Administrative activities), term of apprenticeship: 5 years intramural form of study, 6 years - extramural form of study;

40.05.03 Legal Expertise (specialization: Criminalistics expert examination), term of apprenticeship: 5 years intramural form of study;

40.06.01 Jurisprudence (postgraduate study), term of apprenticeship: 3 years intramural form of study, 4 years - extramural form of study on the following programs:

  • Theory and history of law and state; History of doctrines of law and state;
  • Constitutional law; Constitutional litigation; Municipal law;
  • Civil law; Entrepreneurial law; Family law; International private law;
  • Criminal law and criminology; Criminal-Executive law;
  • Criminal proceedings;
  • International law; European law;
  • Criminalistics; Forensic expertise; Operation search activity;
  • Administrative law; Administrative process.

Educational programs 40.03.01 Jurisprudence and 40.04.01 Jurisprudence have public accreditation of educational institution of the higher education which carries out training of spesialists (The certificate No. 26 is granted by the decision of the Commission of Association of Russian Lawers on public assessment of quality of the higher legal education of December 16, 2011 Record No. 14).

Research work

The main fields of scientific research at the institute are:

  • The problems of the civil duties ( head - professor S.V.Tychinin);
  • The problems of the efficiency of the social control over delinquency (head - associate professor N.I.Arkhiptsev).
  • The strengthening of the processual regime of the state activity in Russia; theoretical and historical problems (head - Professor G.A.Borisov).
  • The problems of the social partnership perfection on the level of Federation subjects (head - associate professor I.A.Grabovskiy)

International Contacts

The institute cooperates with the following foreign educational institutions and organizations:

  • University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (Poland);
  • Veliko Tarnovo University (Bulgaria);
  • Central Bohemian University (Czech Republic);

Every year the institute invites foreign lawyers for reading lectures in English.

Information was given by Dmitry Gavrishov 20.09.2016

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