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Faculty of Psychology

Address: Room 516, Building 4, 14 Studencheskaya Street, 308007, Belgorod, Russia
Phone: +7 4722 301861, 301860
Dean Victor N. Tkachyov, PhD, professor
Institute of Pedagogy

Dean's Office

Associate dean for educational work Natalia N. Doronina, Phone: +7 472) 301866
Associate dean for social and educational work Sergey S. Shkilev, Phone : +7 4722 301862
Associate dean for extramural and part-time education Valentina I. Zhukova, Phone: +7 4722 301863

Structure and teaching staff


  • General and Clinical Psychology (Chair, PhD, professor Tatiana N. Razuvaeva)
  • Developmental and Social Psychology, (Chair, PhD, associate professor Alexandra E. Gerasimova)

The process of education

The Faculty of Psychology provides the basic educational programs in the following specialties and areas of training:

  • 37.05.02 Psychology of Duty Activities with specialization Moral and psychological support service activities;
  • 37.05.01 Clinical Psychology with specialization Psychological support in extreme situations;
  • 37.03.01 Psychology;
  • 44.03.02 Psycho-pedagogical education; profile Educational Psychology;
  • 37.04.01 Psychology program Psychology of Personality and Psychology of Management;
  • 44.04.02 68 Psycho-pedagogical education program Psychology of teaching activities.

Information was given by N.Doronina 26.10.2016

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