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85, Pobedy St., Belgorod, 308015, Russia
Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education
Belgorod State University

Phone: +7 4722 301080

According to the results of the Russian Organization of High Social Efficiency national contest arranged by the Ministry of Economic Development and Commerce in cooperation with The Federal Education Agency, Belgorod State University has become one of the winners three times. This fact is evidence of the good social activity level of the University.

The University authorities strive for providing the students and the faculties with comfortable living conditions, stable financial position and plenty of opportunities for entertainment and improving health of both teachers and students. Every year at our university various social activities are implemented aimed at increasing the teachers salaries, building houses for teachers, caring for children and the elderly, preparing recreational facilities for summer holidays, and providing the staff with social security benefits.

Students of BelSU

The Campus

The campus of BelSU unites 6 comfortable dormitories. More than 4 000 of students from all regions of Russia and 80 countries of the world India, China, Ecuador, Moldavia, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Palestine, Albania, Georgia, Turkey etc. live there.

The Campus

The students dwell in two- and three-room flat-type sections. All dormitories have Wi-Fi, well-equipped kitchens and laundry rooms.

The Room

The administration of BelSU cares about the students there are all sports facilities in the campus: fitness center, tennis ground, workout space. There is a lounge where the students can relax, meet interesting people and organize an event. There is also a dance hall for themed parties and discos.

The Universitys staff dedicates their work to the unity of multiethnic and multicultural students body and forming of students pride for their university.

Catering Service at BelSU

One part of the campus is provided with hot meal by a catering establishment. The rectors office and social organizations of the university monitor the quality of the food, service and prices.

Catering Service at BelSU

The second part of the campus is serviced by the universitys own catering department, which knows students preferences and constantly works at the improvement of assortment and service.

Health Centre

The students are treated by qualified specialists of BelSU Health Centre. The Centre was created in 2004, and in 2014 it was opened in a new building and equipped by the modern diagnostical and medical equipment.

Health Centre

Health Centre cooperates with subdepartments of Medical Department, Medical College and hospitals of Belgorod. The students and staff undergo annual medical examination in BelSU Health Centre.

Pharmacies of BelSU

There are three pharmacies at BelSU: at the 1st, 2nd and 4th academic buildings (Studencheskaya street, Pobedy Street and Narodniy Boulevard). The first one was opened in 2005.

Pharmacies of BelSU

Besides pharmaceutical help, the drugstore acts like training and productional facility for Pharmacy Department. BelSU alumni are working there turning their knowledge into practice.

Nezhegol Health Complex

Nezhegol Helth Complex is situated at Titovka village in Shebekino District of Belgorod Region (25 kilometers to South of Belgorod), at the picturesque bank of two rivers Nezhegol and Severskiy Donets. Pine woods of the recreation zone create unique microclimate.

Nezhegol Health Complex

Relatively small space represents nearly all biocomplexes and landscape types of the region: meadows, pine woods, oak woods, rivers, streams and chalk hills, garnished with wild flowers. The park is suitable for mushroom hunting.

Summer season in Nezhegol is usually opened with Health Days for students and teachers. They can use comfortable wooden huts, tennis courts, football and volleyball fields, chess club, beach, barbecue grills, field kitchen etc.

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden of BelSU has been created at 1999. It is a unique socio-cultural and natural object of Central Black Earth Region, listed in database of unique objects of Russian Federation infrastructure.

Botanical Garden

The gardens territory is 71,8 ha and situated at the south-western spurs of Central Russian Upland, near Vesyolka and Gostyonka rivers in south-western part of Belgorod.

Botanical garden has unique phyto-genofond which includes more than 2500 kinds and sorts of plants. Some of them are listed in Red and Green Books of Russia.

Main goal of BelSU Botanical Garden is preservation, study and enrichment of plants genetic pool, educational, scientific and career-guidance activity.

Winter garden

Winter garden was opened at the BelSUs new main building in 2002. This is a decorative expositional greenhouse.

Winter garden

The collection is divided into main groups: plants of tropical, subtropical zones, desert, half-desert and moderate climate zone. Gardens collection consists of 300 species from 5 climatic zones. There are also exotic reptiles, birds and fishes in the Garden.

Winter garden at BelSU

Winter garden is the favorite place of relaxation for students, employees and guests of the university. Its design, variety of plants, copies of ancient sculptures, aquariums, terrariums, exotic birds and animals attract visitors and dedicated to psychological recreation.

Winter garden

Accessible environment of BelSU

There are many students with disabilities in BelSU. An accessible environment was created to help them get quality education.

The Ramp

According to Accessible environment at BelSU target program all buildings of the campus have wheelchair ramps, infomats adjusted for partially sighted, toilets and elevators for wheelchair users.

The most suitable dormitory for students with disabilities is dormitory 5, maximally equipped with ramps, special elevators, etc.

The university implements special programs for adaptation of educational process, social life, sports and cultural activities. The students with disabilities can get necessary medical help in BelSU Health Centre and receive package tours to BelSUs sanatorium.


On the initiative of BelSU Pedagogical Institute Physical Education Department and with the support of department of culture and education the university holds regional sports forum for sportsmen and sportswomen with disabilities and in 2016 it became co-organizator of Mir Ravnyh Vozmozhnostey (The World of Equal Opportunitiues) Forum.


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