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Sport at BelSU

85, Pobedy St., Belgorod, 308015, Russia
Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education
Belgorod State University

Phone: +7 4722 301080

Svetlana Khorkinas sports complex (Sports complex named after Svetlana Khorkina)

In the year of 130th BelSU anniversary central complex of the university buildings was enriched by a new wonderful construction - Svetlana Khorkinas Sport Complex. She is a graduate of our University, famous sportswoman, World and Olympic champion.

Svetlana Khorkinas sports complex

There is no such a building at any regional Russian universities. The square of the building is 36,7 m². There are all conditions not only for training exercises and physical perfection of students, teachers and employees and for competitions of University athletes, but also for national and international sports competitions.

Not only students and teachers, but also town and region population can take exercises, outdoor activity in comfort conditions, dive into the music and movement, relax from day-to-day routine and problems.

In the complex there are multifunctional game hall with stands for 700 seats, where volleyball, basketball and mini-football competitions take place.

There is field-and- track with a 200 meter running track as well as 60 meter running track, a warm-up track, sectors for high and long jump, pole-jumping, triple jump, shot-put. This hall can hold up to 600 spectators.

Svetlana Khorkina

Gymnastic centre consists of gymnastic hall (750 m²) with the balcony for 160 seats and practice hall. On the third floor there are dancing-halls, aerobics and ping-pong halls.

The BelSU sport complex includes cafes for 50 seats and training classrooms for athletes and spectators to feel comfortable.

The International Youth Health and Leisure centre

Nowadays, as well as before, people want to go riding. It is a wonderful means of a persons physical development and perfection, active rest, unity with nature and forming of a comprehensively developed personality. The center activity is aimed at the development of tourism, sport, comfortable leisure and health improving. We invite you to visit this splendid centre of cultural leisure, centre of development and communication.

Equestrian sport school (ESS) one of the leading departments of the Centre today has got 2 new modern stables for 40 horses each. It also includes garages for cars, storehouses and a specially equipped horse-carrying transport. About 30 employees work in ESS and a perspective generation of sportsmen is brought up there. The specialists of the Centre give consultations for ESS of other Russian cities. Close patronage contacts have been set with military units, administration of the regions and enterprises.

Project of Centre of cultural leisure

Many pupils from different schools of Belgorod and the region, the students of the universities, foreign delegations from different countries come to the Complex to have the excursions.

Lately our horsemen made us happy by showing their achievements. They took part in the competitions in different cities and got gold and bronze medals.


The next point of the center development is a creation of the Rehabilitation centre for disabled children. The main function of a center will be aimed at providing a complex of medical services with the use of a dosed riding horse-therapy. One of the most important tasks of the rehabilitation centre is to provide the necessary conditions when a child with disabilities can join the society as well as children of his age, get professional skills, go in for sports.

The Belgorod horsemen and their charges have become the real decoration of our city. One of their attendances is riding the children in schools and kindergartens, weddings and celebrations services.


Information was given by D.Selyukova 15.03.2016

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