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Codes and Names of Scientific Dissertation Councils at BelSU

Pobeda 85, Belgorod, 308015, Russia
Belgorod State University, International office
Head of International Office - Nikolay S. Tsybulya
phone/fax: +7 4722 301080
e-mail: Inter@bsu.edu.ru
Preparatory Faculty

D 212.015.01
13.00.01 General Education Science, History of Pedagogy and Education
13.00.08 Theory and Methodology of Vocational Education
e-mail: D212.015.01@bsu.edu.ru

D 212.015.02
22.00.04 Structure of Society, Social Institutes and Processes
22.00.06 Sociology of Culture
22.00.08 Sociology of Management
e-mail: D212.015.02@bsu.edu.ru

D 212.015.03
10.02.01 the Russian Language
10.02.04 Germanic Languages
10.02.19 Linguistic Theory
e-mail: D212.015.03@bsu.edu.ru

D 212.015.05
09.00.08 Philosophy of Science and Technology
09.00.13 Philosophic Anthropology, Philosophy of Culture
24.00.01 Theory and History of Culture
e-mail: D212.015.05@bsu.edu.ru

D 212.015.09
08.00.05 Economics and Management of National Economy (in industries and spheres of Economy)
08.00.13 Mathematical and Instrumental Methods of Economics
e-mail: D212.015.09@bsu.edu.ru

D 212.015.11
07.00.02 History of Russia
07.00.03 General History (at the relevant time)
e-mail: D212.015.11@bsu.edu.ru

D 212.015.14
05.13.01 System Analysis, Information Management and Data Processing (branch-wise)
05.13.17 Foundations of Information Science
05.13.18 Mathematical Simulation, Numerical Techniques and Software Systems
e-mail: D212.015.14@bsu.edu.ru

D 212.015.15
01.01.03 Mathematical Physics
01.04.07 Condensed Matter Physics
e-mail: D212.015.15@bsu.edu.ru

D 999.006.04
05.02.13 Computers, Aggregates and Processes (branch-wise)
05.13.01 System Analysis, Information Management and Data Processing (branch-wise)
05.13.06 Automation and Process and Production Control (branch-wise)
e-mail: D999.006.04@bsu.edu.ru

D 999.044.03
12.00.01 Theory and History of State and Law; History of Science of State and Law
12.00.02 Constitutional Law; Constitutional Legal Procedure; Municipal Law
12.00.14 Administrative Law; Administrative Procedure
e-mail: D999.044.03@bsu.edu.ru

D 999.068.03
03.02.07 Genetics
e-mail: D999.068.03@bsu.edu.ru

D 999.071.02
14.03.06 Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology
e-mail: D999.071.02@bsu.edu.ru

D 999.042.03
05.11.13 Devices and Methods of Control over Environment, Substances, Materials and Products (engineering sciences)
05.11.17 Medical Devices and Systems (engineering sciences)
05.13.01 System Analysis, Information Management and Data Processing (instrument engineering, bioengineering systems and technologies)
e-mail: ods.swsu@yandex.ru

D 999.039.03
05.02.07 Technology and Equipment for Mechanical, Physical Technical Processing (engineering sciences)
05.02.08 Manufacturing Engineering (engineering sciences)
05.02.09 Pressure Processing Technology and Equipmen (engineering sciences)
e-mail: info@oreluniver.ru

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