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Meet BelSU Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs

85, Pobedy St., Belgorod, 308015, Russia
Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education
Belgorod State University

Phone: +7 4722 301080

Education is the foundation upon which we build our future.
Christine Gregoire

Dear Freshers,

I'm delighted that Belgorod State University has become the university of your choice. You have enrolled in a university rich in tradition with outstanding facilities for studies and research. The university offers a broad multidisciplinary spectrum with highly diverse combinations of subjects. As a town, Belgorod is also an excellent choice! With all the culture and sporting events available, there will always be many things to see and do in your leisure time, whilst the town's atmosphere will make you feel right at home. I encourage you to take part in the numerous events Belgorod and our university have to offer.

Aleksandr V. Mamatov, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs

Belgorod State University offers its students all the necessary resources for an all-round education. In the academic area, the study plans strive to find the perfect balance between practice and theory, and which the student can further enrich through several different complementary activities: work placement programmes, language courses, access to new technologies, orientation and tutoring activities as well as exchange programmes with universities of other countries.

With the start of your degree programme, you are starting a new, exciting phase of life. In many ways, the organisation and structure of a degree programme and of a university will differ from what you have experienced at secondary school, in vocational training or professional employment. Use this space to find your own way. You have been given both a special challenge and a huge opportunity.

We all strive every day to help make our university an even better place. For those of us who work here, this means putting you, the student, first in everything we do. For you as a student, we hope it means an uncompromising commitment to excellence in all you do. Certainly, being an exemplary scholar comes first. BelSU provides a unique opportunity for you to develop a lifelong passion for learning.

Avail yourself of the possibilities to help shape student life and politics by joining any of the student committees or academic bodies. Many of you will contribute your time and talent by being involved in fine arts, community service, athletics, and many other important activities.

Please accept my cordial welcome to Belgorod State University!

Kind regards,
Aleksandr Mamatov,
Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs

Information was given on 10.04.2018
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