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11 July 2019 Thank you, BelSU!
Ella Ibrahim, shes a student of the faculty of journalism of The Institute of social Sciences and mass communications of BelSU, graduated from the first year and shared her impressions of her studies and life in Russia

11 July 2019 International Awards for Two Outstanding Science Projects
Projects by Professor Igor Konstantinov and Professor Alexander Kubankin of Belgorod State University won medals at 'Inventica 2019', Romania's annual Innovation Festival, held in Iași, the country's second city

11 July 2019 The New Hanseatic League of Universities
Professor Oleg Polukhin, Rector of Belgorod State University, has signed an agreement for our University to host the annual conference of the New Hanseatic League of Universities in 2021, while attending this year's conference in Incheon, South Korea

10 July 2019 Using English to Become Better Teachers
13 Belgorod State University lecturers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) enrolled in English courses run by Centre for Foreign Languages and Academic Writing, in order to participate in Erasmus+

10 July 2019 Medical Postgraduate Course Registration Open
Belgorod State University Medical Institute has begun registration for 30 specialist courses in medicine

8 July 2019 Presidential Funding for Young Scientists
8 projects led by postgraduates scientists at Belgorod State University have been given funding by the Presidential Research Project Foundation

8 July 2019 National Bronze at Student Games
Belgorod State University pole-vaulter Lyudmila Nerubenko won a bronze medal at the National Student Athletics Championship in Yaroslavl

3 July 2019 Forbes Rating
Belgorod State University entered the Forbes Top 50 of the best universities in Russia, ranking 38th overall

3 July 2019 Pegasus Takes Wings
Belgorod State University ran its 'Pegasus' Project Management Summer School for the 7th time. It takes place at the University's Nezhegol Campus, 30km from the city, and involves students from across the Russian speaking world

2 July 2019 Leading in Metallurgy

Belgorod State University's Metallurgy Department has entered the Top 100 of the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects, the subject rating for Shanghai Cooperation Organisation's University Rankings

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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