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21 May 2019 Stop AIDS Together
Natalia Naumenko, a graduate student at the Belgorod State University Medical Institute, initiated the 'Stop AIDS Together' project as part of the national 'Stop HIV/AIDS' day of action

21 May 2019 Belgorod Lilacs an Update
Evgeny Savchenko, the Governor of Belgorod Region, along with his colleagues, heard from Dr Valery Tokhtar of Belgorod State University's Botanical Garden. They were all participants in the 3rd Forum on Landscape, Architecture and Environmental Design

20 May 2019 Our Role in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization
Professor Andrei Peresypkin, Belgorod State University's Vice-Rector for Strategy, travelled to Moscow to meet with high-powered figures in Sino-Russian relations

20 May 2019 'Fractal Kaleidoscope'
Professor Felix Pyatakovich was one of Belgorod State University's best lecturers in medicine and IT, and an expert on chronobiology. Now he has celebrated his 80th birthday with an exhibition of his own extraordinary digital art

17 May 2019 Pharmacology Prize Winners Go to Skolkovo
Alexander Radchenko, Elena Kuzubova, Anna Khalikova and Anastasia Staneva, all students at Belgorod State University's Institute of Pharmacy, Chemistry, and Biology, went to the capital to attend this years 'Pharma's Cool' science fair

17 May 2019 Placements for Tourism Students
Students from Belgorod State University's Institute of Economics and Management, have departed for Turkey, to experience life in the tourism industry, and receive training from Tour Agency professionals

16 May 2019 Belgorod's Universities Compete in Kettlebell
Belgorod State University hosted teams from Belgorod State Technological University, Belgorod Police College, and Belgorod State Agricultural University in a test of strength and endurance

16 May 2019 Institute for the Pharmacology of Living Systems
Belgorod State University's Science Development Council met to discuss the record of the Institute, and the ways it can be integrated into the national Research and Education Centre (REC) for Belgorod Region

15 May 2019 Teaching at a Vietnamese School
Svetlana Savvina, a Master's student at Belgorod State University's Faculty of History and Philology, went to teach Russian language and culture at the Hoang Van Thu School for Gifted Students in Hòa Bình, a small city 75km south west of Hanoi

15 May 2019 Greco-Roman Wrestling
The 5th International 'Yaroshenko' Greco-Roman Wrestling Tournament was held at Belgorod State University's Khorkina Sports Centre, and involved 250 athletes from across the Russian speaking world

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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