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21 October 2020 NRU BelSU was awarded Grand Prix at the Global Invention Forum in Cyprus
The innovative developments by the universitys research groups were awarded gold and silver medals

20 October 2020 NRU BelSU will participate in Moscow International Forum of Innovations Open Innovations via videoconferencing
The researchers of Belgorod State University will present their experience of projects realization under REC Innovative Solutions in Agri-Busienss as part of the business program of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education at the Forum

19 October 2020 Challenges of pre-university education on the agenda
The representatives of BelSU Preparatory Faculty participated in the online IV Congress for teachers and heads of preparatory faculties (divisions) at Russian universities Pre-University Education in Russia and Worldwide: Language, Adaptation, Society, Profession

16 October 2020 Scientists, Master students and undergraduate students discussed current issues of Russian as a foreign language teaching and study
BelSU Institute of Intercultural Communication and International Relations became the venue for Students International Online Conference Russian Language as an Adaptation Tool in A New Environment and Profession Acquisition

15 October 2020 NRU BelSU initiated the City Farmer program of further education
The program trainees will acquire advanced knowledge and experience in fish farming, crop farming and aquaponics

14 October 2020 BelSU researchers listed as authors in the reputable scientific journal Progress in Materials Science
The articles by the leading researchers of BelSU Research Institute of Material Science and Innovative Technologies Rustam Kaybishev and Sergey Mironov dedicated to the frontier technology capable of making a revolution in aircraft, missile and ship building were published in one of the top-rated journals.

13 October 2020 BelSU was represented at II All Russian Pedagogics Forum
The Forum Pedagogical Education in the Age of A Systemic Transformation of Modern Society became the venue for discussing strategic goals of the Project Education

8 October 2020 BelSU scientists visited Leo Tolstoys Memorial Museum
A research group headed by Professor Pavel Olkhov will work with the specialists of Yasnaya Polyana Museum as part of the study of life and artistic legacy of Nikolay Strakhov

8 October 2020 BelSU researchers announced the essential oils effective in antifungal biologic drugs synthesis
BelSU biotechnologists estimated the effect produced by natural oils extracted from drug plants on phytopathogenic strains of mold fungi while working under REC Innovative Solutions in Agri-Business

7 October 2020 BelSU Law Institute enhanced its laboratory facilities
The Criminalistics Laboratories of Law Institute were equipped with expert and analytical facilities that are similar to those used in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and intelligence services

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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