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25 January 2022 BelSU became the winner of the qualifying stage of the All-Russian Contest Russian Organization of High Social Performance
The University was recognized as best at the municipal and regional stages of the competition in the nomination For Local Social Issues Solution and Corporate Charity Propagation

24 January 2022 Preserving emotional warmth
The representatives of Belgorod State University were involved in organising and holding a creative event for children with disabilities

20 January 2022 Belgorod State University scientists developed immune-boosting kefir containing barberry extract
The enriched fermented milk product obtained lowers blood pressure and can be used for immune diseases prevention

19 January 2022 A BelSU representative participated in the International Friendship Festival
A medical student from Iraq participated in the finals of the Friendship Festival at Lomonosov Moscow State University

18 January 2022 An efficient system for converting heat energy into electricity developed at BelSU
The invention by BelSU scientists will increase energy efficiency of the key agricultural facilities - livestock farms and greenhouses

17 January 2022 Students of Belgorod State University celebrated Old New Year
A linguistic and cultural event dedicated to the traditions of Russian Old New Year celebration was held in the Centre for Intercultural Communication of Belgorod State University

14 January 2022 The researchers of Belgorod State University developed a novel heat-resistant alloy
The new alloy by a joint research group from Belgorod State University and Hunan University was designed by using a method predicting the mechanical properties of high-entropic alloys based on machine learning

13 January 2022 Medical students demonstrated a high knowledge level in diagnosis and treatment of arterial hypertension
Researchers from Belgorod State University presented the results of the study that enable to assess arterial hypertension knowledge of 5-6 year medical students from different regions of Russia and the Ukraine

11 January 2022 The results of The Best Student of the Year competition are announced
Nine BelSU students were among the winners of the regional competition by Generation Foundation

10 January 2022 BelSU microbiologists identified the unique properties of a novel bacteria strain
A research team of students and scientists studied a little-known strain of bacteria capable of effective oil decomposing in fresh and salt water

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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