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14 August 2020 NRU BelSU graduates are in high demand
This year over 70% graduates of Belgorod State University have started their careers, some of them have already been employed in their degree field, others are willing to proceed with their education at the BelSU Master and Doctoral programs, the rest are still before their choice

13 August 2020 NRU BelSU is developing research cooperation in public management
The university scholars participated in the international video-conference Education in Public Management

12 August 2020 NRU BelSU updated accommodation rules at the dormitory for the 1st year students
Belgorod State University will begin accommodating the 1st year students at its dormitories from 27 August

12 August 2020 Over 1000 international prospective students have applied for the study at NRU BelSU
The prospective students from non-CIS countries are willing to study at Belgorod State University at eight English-taught programs and most Russian taught programs offered by the university

11 August 2020 NRU BelSU researchers offered a smart automated solution to be utilized in the pig industry
The technology based on neural networks designed by the Belgorod State University researchers in collaboration with TsentrProgramSystems company will provide for automatic livestock counting at farms

11 August 2020 The RF Presidents Scholarship to support education
Four students of Belgorod State University have been awarded a scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation for the study abroad in the 2020/2021 academic year

10 August 2020 NRU BelSU launched new fields of advanced education
The representatives of Belgorod State University participated in Modern Trends in STEM Education, the international summer online-school

7 August 2020 New season of NesluChayniye Vstrechi has been open
The BelSU Botanical Garden opened a new season for NesluChaymiye Vstrechi joint project conducted by Belgorod State University and Belgorod State Philharmonics Hall

6 August 2020 NRU BelSU researchers developed a new technology of essential oil extraction from pink-buds in cooperation with partners from RUDN
The results of the applied research which was supported by the World-Class Research and Education Centre "Innovative Solutions in Agribusiness" in Belgorod Region proved to have a high potential of the solvent material used in phytotechnology

5 August 2020 The NRU BelSU staff member has become a winner of the international writing competition
The editor of the Department for Integrated Editorial Staffing of Research Magazines, a member of the Union of Russian Writers Aleksandr Oberemok became a winner of IX Open Russian Poetry Championship for Baltic States

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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