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Invia est in medicina via sine lingua latina There is no way into medicine without the Latin

BelSU celebrated the Latin Language Day

BelSu celebrated the Latin Language day with the students of Medical Institute. At 13th of April, the students presented their reports at the scientific conference, dedicated to Latin language. The reports were about the development and history of medicalese, the origin of medical symbols, names of chemical elements, flowers, and mythological associations in the names of medicines, and also Latin aphorisms in literature. At the 14th of April, the celebration continued with the intramural Latin Language and medicalese contest. More than 100 students of Medical Institute took part in it. The test included questions in anatomical, clinical and pharmaceutical terminology. The winners will get certificates of gratitude and presents. The organizers said that this event will be annual.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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