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A vivarium would be built at BelSU Botanical Garden

Government expertise facility The vivarium at BelSU Botanical Garden was discussed at public hearings

Deputies of Belgorod Deputy Council, local authorities executives and representatives of Federal Territorial Business Assets Supervisory Services presented at the event.   

The presidium of public hearings consisted of Belgorod Deputy Councils deputy Aleksandr Scheglov, vice-rector for BelSU Housekeeping Administration Valentin Zatenatskiy, and the head of BelSU Pharmacology Subdepartment Mikhail Pokrovskiy.

The hearing was opened by Aleksandr Scheglov, who is also a chairman of Belgorod Deputy Council ecological policy and environment control standing commission. He reminded that BelSU Botanical Garden is a natural reserve of regional significance, so the object that would be building there should underwent a biological expertise.    

Mikhail Pokrovskiy, who is in charge of vivarium project, presented the facility. He said that future vivarium is considered as an experimental biological clinic for animals keeping and pharmacological research.   

Vivarium would be built as two-stories building approximately 800 square meters floor space. Part of the equipment is already bought and used at BelSU Pre-clinical Studies Center.

Mikhail Pokrovskiy emphasized on the significance of the project for the development of pharmacology in region and in the country. Every pack of drugs derives from research and animal testing. It undergoes toxicity testing. To lower the research costs, we should conduct it in Russia. In the end, it will affect the costs of medications, he said.

In his opinion, the vivarium project corresponds to all international standards.

Mr. Pokrovskiy also said that all calculations of the facilitys influence to the environment have been made, and the results are quite positive and would be presented for ecological expertise. All environmental protection measures have also been taken into consideration.  

We loosen the purse strings for technological equipment, said Valentin Zatenatskiy. All clean-up systems altogether approximately amounts to 30% from building costs. The facility can work absolutely autonomously. This is a project for world market.

Materials, presented at the hearings were positively evaluated for their environmental qualities. The construction of vivarium will begin in autumn and end throughout the year.

Today, Belgorod Region plans to develop powerful pharmaceutical cluster, which demands a developed infrastructure, human and scientific resourcing, concluded his speech Mikhail Pokrovskiy.

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