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The holder of Presidential scholarship finished his internship in the oldest university of Europe

The postgraduate from Belgorod State Research University finished an internship at Uppsala University

From February to June, the third-year postgraduate from Institute of Medicine Pharmacy Departments Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy Subdepartment Nikolai Popov had an internship in Uppsala University Angstrom laboratory (Uppsala, Sweden).

The internship was part of Presidential Scholarship Contest for students and postgraduates international studies. Uppsala University is one of the oldest universities in Europe, with many years of research experience.

During those three months Nikolai took part in experiments in medicine delivery systems, based on polymeric materials. The experiment was supervised by assistant professor of Uppsala University Polymeric Chemistry Subdepartment Dmitriy Osipov. During an internship, research team learned modern methods, got new experimental data and conducted an interesting research in low-molecular reagents and modified linkers synthesis; chemical modification of natural polysaccharides with photopolimerizable groups.

Theyve also conducted hydrogel development by photopolimerization with encapsulated PLGA-nanoparticles, got PLGA-nanoparticles with encapsulated modern medicine and explored its characteristics. Various instrumental methods were used in the process: NMR, DLS and SEM.

The internship helped me to get new knowledge and organize things Ive learned during postgraduation studies. I had an opportunity to look at scientific work from another point of view, to evaluate potential perspectives of medicine delivery development, to have a unique personal experience and establish new business contacts. I am grateful to everyone who helped this journey happen, my research advisors: prof. Elena Zhilyakova and Oleg Novikov, head of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy Subdepartment, - said Nikolai.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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