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Young BelSU journalists at Territory of Meanings

Young journalists from BelSU became the participants of National Youth Educational Forum Territory of Meanings at Klyazma in Vladimir Region

It was the first National Youth Educational Forum, organized by The Public Chamber of Russian Federation, Federal Agency for Youth Affairs and Federal State Budgetary Institution “Rospatriotcentr”. The Forum is held from 13th of July till 28th of August. There will be more than 6 000 of participants. Activists from various regions and nine countries took part in “Young Journalism Departments’ teachers and young journalists” shift. Belgorod was represented with 16 journalists.

The participants were greeted by the head of Federal Agency for Youth Affairs Sergei Pospelov. He mentioned that the training of qualified and perspective journalists is a state affair, so it is important to organize forums for journalists, involving famous experts from Russia and foreign countries.
“I think that everyone understands our responsibility. Our mass-media is made that way: all your writings are saved into eternity. Many people read it in Russia and abroad. Don’t forget that we are responsible for the future of our country”, – he said.

The program of the event included workshops, trainings, lections, seminars and meetings with leading journalists: journalist and orientalist Evgeniy Primakov, chief editor of Lenta.ru Aleksei Goreslavskiy, broadcasters Andrei Medvedev, Ernest Matskyavichus and Constantine Syomin, blogger Oleg Barmin, CEO of TV channel “Moya Planeta” Sergei Koshlyakov and foreign guests: global education director of Georgetown University Sam Potolicchio, founder and chief editor of “Russia Insider” Internet portal Charles Bausman, anchorman of “War of Words” show at Russia Today Channel Tim Kirby and British journalist Graham Phillips. They told about their journalistic experience, discussed the questions of informational objectivity and relevance. They especially highlighted the self-development, the key to success for every journalist.

“Read at least three books a week, work at communication skills, and train more. The one of the secrets for good journalist – to treat every situation like it was happened for the first time, and search for individual approach to every person”, – said Sam Potolicchio.

 Mariya Potapenko


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