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A young teacher becoming a guide in state politics

A delegation from BelSU visited XIV International Youth Camp Slavic Community 2015 at Sochi

Near 500 representatives of Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, and other countries, including CIS participated in the work of Youth camp, dedicated to Great Patriotic War Victory’s 7-th Anniversary.

The representatives from BelSU were Farmacy Departments postgraduates Nikolai Popov and Olga Kukhtina and Farmacy Departments student Anastasia Belousova, who took part at the conference of young scientists “Young college teachers – are envoys of the state”.

Another important event for BelSUs representatives were the round-table conference Basics of Russian Federation Youth Policy until year 2025, when the resolution for Federal state program Young people of Russia was set up.

Nikolai Popovs project (To see without illusions ophthalmic medicine of the future, research advisors: Prof. E. Zhilyakova, Prof. O. Novikov) was presented at the exhibition forum of social projects The successors of The Victory, The Heroes of Our Time and included in The Catalogue of youth projects and programs for the further development of cooperation between colleges, regions and countries. The project was also mentioned by experts as an important direction for the solving import substitution of medicine in Russia.

The treaties of scientific and culture cooperation were also signed during the conference.

Olga Kukhtina and Anastasia Belousova, who gave an outstanding performance in an intellectual game The Nation, were included in Slavic Communitys Golden Book of Names.

At the closing ceremony, BelSU was awarded with Diploma of cooperation in accomplishment of international youth project Slavic Community 2015. Every representative of BelSU was awarded with a diploma for the valuable contribution into the project and international youths cooperation development.

This business trip became possible as part of students unions development program with the financial and organizational support of the University.

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