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BelSU the start-up territory

Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to Central Federal District Aleksandr Beglov had a look at BelSUs scientific projects and awarded young scientists of the university with Presidential Grant Certificates  

During his working trip, Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to Central Federal District Aleksandr Beglov has visited BelSU. After the tour, given to him by The Principal of the university prof. Oleg Polukhin, they’ve discussed the latest problems of the universitys development with the governor Eugeniy Savchenko.

This theme was exploited further at the meeting with BelSUs young scientists, who achieved great results not only in region, but in the whole country. In his speech, Aleksandr Beglov noted that the state government pays special attention to the development of science and education. 222 young scientists of Central Federal District has received financial aid (50% of all grants). Among them are 6 researchers of BelSU. The Envoy said, that is a high criteria for a research university.

“Someday you will ve responsible for the development of our country, for all of the Russian citizens. You need skills, experience and creativity for that, So, the government tries to provide conditions for your progression”, – he said to the young scientists.

The principal Oleg Polukhin told about the universitys achievements for five years. Today, the university strengthens its positions in international and Russian ratings, carries out a number of large scientific projects. Among them are international ones, for example, The Dark Side Project for the search of dark matter.

«I want to thank the President of Russian Federation and you for the attention you give to young scientists and researchers. I also want to reassure you that we are ready to develop all scientific and education fields of our university, said the principal.

The governor Eugeniy Savchenko suggested the university to move to a new level and called it the start-up territory.

The decision of 1996 to create Belgorod State University and efforts applied to its development give results, but the real work lies ahead. Lets generate start-ups and develop them, he suggested.

The most promising young scientists of BelSU: Pavel Goleusov, Eugeniy Golosov, Valeriy Dudko, Mikhail Korokin, Dmitriy Ushakov and Nikita Stepanov, who won the Presidential grant contest were awarded with grant certificates.

In the end, the scientists had a conversation with Aleksandr Beglov. Theyve asked about development of science and the possibilities of funding and commercialization of some projects.

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