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To reduce the disease burden of diabetes

Tatiana Pavlova, Professor of BelSU, told about diabetes problems during pregnancy at the specialized conference of RAS in Mocsow

The head of BelSU Medical Institute Patology Subdepartment Prof. Tatiana Pavlova gave a speech at RAS Clinical Medicine Bureau panel (Moscow).

Together with Vasiliy Petrukhin (honored doctor of Russian Federation, professor, highest level physician, Doctor of Medical Sciences, head of MRSRCI obstetrical clinic ) Professor presented a report “Diabetes and pregnancy, – the problem of XXI century”.

Professor T. Pavlova and V. Petrukhin have carried out this research since 1987. During this time they’ve made reports at major congresses and symposiums of Russia and European countries (France, Germany, England, Austria, Chech Republic and Slovenia). Theyve supervised dissertation papers and published a number of articles and monographs.

RAS Clinical Medicine Bureau panel made a decision based on the report, to consider the problem of pregnancy diabetes as theoretically and practically significant. The research of clinical, molecular genetic, functional and immunological markers of fetus and mothers condition during the pregnancy complicated by diabetes should be dedicated to the improvement of womens reproductive health and reduce of children disablement, said Tatiana Pavlova.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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