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English version of BelSUs home page has entered the rating of Russian International Affairs Council

BelSU got 18th place among Russian universities and 28th place among foreign universities of RIACs homepages rating  

Researchers fr om RIAC analyzed 45 Russian and 11 foreign universities wh ere English is not a basic language for education. It is the result of three-year work with the content of English versions of universities’ homepages.

BelSU got 40 points and entered the homepages’ rating. The internet resources were estimated by 108 characteristics. The characteristics are united into 16 conceptual blocks, each block reflects a functional side of the resource. For example, library access, educational programs, employment etc.

The data is summarized in “Index of digital internationalization of universities” the rating is based on.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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