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A new step to the development of biopharmclaster

Representatives of one of the largest pharmaceutical company, Abbot (USA) will develop its cooperation with BelSU

The cooperation is aimed at collaborative science project. As The Principal of BelSU Oleg Polukhin put it at the meeting with Abbott representatives, such partnership should give a big boost to the development of Belgorod region’s biopharmclaster. The Principal has also mentioned that BelSU conducts research of regional, federal and international importance. According to him, the resource base of BelSU allows the realization of major scientific and educational pharmaceutical projects.

“We’ve always tried to provide our students with opportunities to test their skills and apply these skills in a real-world environment of production facilities located in the region. With this objective, we launched our cooperation with Veropharm several years ago”, says Oleg Polukhin, Head of BelSU. “The expansion of our engagement is a big step: first, it now includes scientific and R&D cooperation, and second, participation of Abbott will expand the geographic scope of both scientific and professional training elements of our program”.

The Principal has also expressed the hope that all framework deals would be converted into real plans in no time. CEO of Veropharm Company Elena Bushberg confirmed that the cooperation would be intensive and useful for both sides.

“Russia is very important for Abbott. We continuously improve our trainings and development programs for employees, and we have always tried to go beyond our corporate needs, to enhance the local workforce capacity overall for the benefits of the country – she says. – “This year and the next, Veropharm will pay significant attention to working with universities in Russia to grow the new generation of professionals which will contribute to the Russian pharmaceutical industry further development.”

Director of Preclinical and Clinical Research Centre Mikhail Pokrovskiy gave actual suggestions for the following cooperation. He said that the Centre performs clinical and preclinical research of medicine for major pharmaceutical companies and also generates new drugs beginning with molecular level.

Veropharm Company’s (tha part of Abbott group of companies) Operations’ Director Leonid Kogan that collaborational educational programs and scientific research would become a promising direction for cooperation. He reminded that the representatives of Veropharm had recently met students and staff of BelSU Medical Institute.

The Dean of BelSU Pharmacy Department Irina Spichuck assured the representatives thar the Department can not only train pharmaceutic specialists but also perform a re-training of personnel.

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