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An internship at BelSUs partner university

Representatives of BelSU International Students Office discussed academic mobility with Bremen Universitys International Students Office

The fourth year student of Institute of Economy (World Economy Subdepartment), the head of BelSU International Students’ Office Vladislav Kozachenko and specialist of the Office Anna Mazurek had a 2-weeks internship at the University of Bremen, – the long-time international partner of BelSU.

An internship included a 3-days conference with specialists and activists of Bremen University’s International Students’ Office about the problems of academic mobility.

Representatives of Bremen Students’ Office shared their experience in events organizations with Russian and discussed the ways of effective improvement of office’s work.

According to the head of «Kompass» International Students’ Office Yutta Paal, the goal of the organization is a foreign students’ adaptation in German and development of academic mobility in University of Bremen.

“We have 200 partner universities and more than 500 students coming and going every year. We consult exchange students in every aspect. We also have a real property database and help with papers. Our Office also works with foreign students who come to study in Bremen. We are always happy to help them. You see, 50% of students couldn’t finish their education in Bremen because of adaptation problems. Now this percentage is two times lower”, – she said.

Yutta Paal has spent five years to achieve the strict organization and structured work of the Office .

Anna Mazurek and Vladislav Kozachenko have visited events, such as: «Jamsession», Worldcafé, International dinner, sports competitions etc. They’ve studied the fine points of the organization and plan to recreate it at BelSU.

 Vlad Kozachenko


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