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Teachers from BelSU carried out the second stage of sandwich model with Sofia Antipolis University

Teachers from BelSU Institute of Cross-cultural Communication and international relations carried out the second stage of sandwich model due to academic cooperation project with Sofia Antipolis University

To finish the second stage of sandwich model academic mobility project, the assistant professors of Romano-Germanic Philology and Cross-Cultural communication Subdepartment T. Soboleva, Y. Lomonosova, N. Kopytina, O. Kuzmina, head of the second foreign language subdepartment N. Scheifel and assistant professor of English philology and cross-cultural communication E. Pupynina.had an academic trip at Sofia Antipolis University.

They had given the lections about the linguistics, – an important topic for Sofia Antipolis. The teachers from the partner university, on the other hand, told about study of literature. Besides, both sides took part in a conversation about double diplomas for masters that studied in both universities. The treaty would be signed after the New Year’s vacations.

The teachers from BelSU also met 14 students studying in Nice. The students are satisfied with the quality of education and residence. They’ve adapted so well that even organized a “Russian New Year” holiday for French students. The teachers and curators from “Sofia Antipolis” noticed an improvement of BelSU students’ language skills.

 T. Kulikova


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