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The scientist from BelSU was praised at federal level

The teacher of Institute of Management Organization Management Subdepartment, research associate of BelSU International trade and new economic geography research center, candidate of Economic Sciences Daler Usmanov became a prizewinner of Russian national young scientists contest-2015  

The contest was organized by S. Vitte Institute of New Industrial Development.

The contest had two stages. The scientists from more than 20 leading universities of Russia presented their works in economics. Among them are BelSU, RAS Institute of Economy, Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State Economic University etc.

Daler Irmatovich got the honorary third place for the important scientific work Russia in global world: social and economy inequality of regions and their dependence on export and import. He has studied the theme of Russian regions development and found a way to solve their inequality problem by integration of smaller regions into bigger ones. Such economic unities can significantly improve an economic situation of the country.

It was very interesting to participate in the final test of the Young Scientists Contest. It was the great experience and a very significant event in my scientific work. The task was to defend your project, point all its scientific novelties and answer the questions of jury. I want to express my gratitude to director of Institute of Management Viktor Zakharov, and head of Organization Management Department Boris Tkhorikov for the support, he said.

The scientist will present his paper at St. Petersburg International Economic Congress.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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