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3D-bioprinting technology of the future

Inventions of BelSU scientists are useful for 3D printing of human organs: the University will cooperate with SKOLKOVO  

Belgorod State Univerisity signed a treaty with Skolkovo resident 3D Bioprinting Solutionsthe laboratory of biotechnological research in the area of development of instruments for 3D bioprinters and cell technologies. The instruments are made by small innovative enterprise Zitoinstrument BelGU.

The enterprise will produce microinstruments, for the most part it would be muzzles for extrusion devices of 3D printer developed by 3D Bioprinting Solutions. This company was first to create a 3D printer in Russia and print a viable body part. The newest technology which would be applied for transplantology and regenerative medicine allows to create a human organ from the cells with 3D printing. The using of patients own cells can improve treatments quality and prevent rejection and other side-effects.

3D printing is a cutting edge of transplantology an regenerative medicine. I suppose that in ten years this technology will be used for human organs printing, said the candidate of biological sciences, associate professor Sergei Nadezhdin.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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