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Exchange education in universities of Kazakhstan

The best students of BelSU Institute of Management study in Kazakhstan due to exchange education program

The students of Customs specialty (Vera Pulyaeva, Marina Selivyorstova, Marina Ziborova) and Tourism specialty (Ekaterina Romanova, Karina Kuzhahmetova, Elvira Mamedova, Anastasia Solodovnikova) has arrived for semester study at Ryskulov New Economic University (Almaty).

Our group is small there are 13 people but every one of us is a part of a big family whgere we were gladly accepted. New friends help us with difficulties and show the beauty of their city. Since our first moments in Almaty we have been enchanted with beauty of the mountains, said Marina Selivyorstova.

Yulia Avdeeva (State and Municipal Management specialty) and Marina Elkina (Management) study for the semester in Karaganda Economic University. \

Traditional meeting with the Principal Erkara Aymagambetov gave an opportunity to learn about perspectives of universitys development and share our first impressions about Kazakhstan, said Yulia Avdeeva.

An exchange education program for BelSU students in partner universities is very rich, and new forms of practical work allow the deeper understanding of theory.

The students also participate in sports and cultural activities.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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