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Stars master class in volleyball

Famous Argentinian volleyball player, first legionary in the history of Belgorod volleyball club Pablo Meana visited BelSU volleyball team

The meeting was organized by the coach of BelSU volleyball team Larisa Zhylina for the improvement of sports technics and learning fr om the experience of outstanding player.

An event has begun with master class where Pablo Meana shared his know-hows and played with the students at their volleyball court. He found the team highly skilled and gave them many useful advices.

Afer the training Pablo was invited at the tea party wh ere he answered students questions. The students noticed that Pablos Russian is still good. He, for its part, approved their initiative in fan support of the Belogorye team and suggested to end the meeting with photo session.

Note: Pablo Meana is the champion of Argentina, the champion of Russia (2003, 2004, 2005), the winnor of The Cup of Russia (2003, 2005), the winner of League of Champions (2003, 2004), the best libero of League of Champions (2004). From 2002 to 2005 he played in Lokomotiv-Belogorye volleyball club. Now Pablo trains juniors at the sports school in Argentina.

 Tatiana Kulikova. Photo: Dmitriy Nikolaev

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