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BelSU cooperates with French universities

Due to cooperation development between universities, teachers from BelSU Institute of Cross-cultural Communications and International Relations visited two French Universities Sofia Antipolis and The University of Poitiers

The delegation involved director of the Institute Prof. Olga Prokhorova, PhD, deputy director for science and international activities Prof. Jerome Bagana, head of English Philology and Cross-Cultural Communications Subdepartment, assistant professor Vladimir Pugach, PhD and Prof. Igor Chekulai , PhD.

The teachers were invited to the University of Poitiers by Vice Rector for International relations, Prof. Licia Bagini, PhD. The partners discussed a project of cooperation agreement. The final version of the agreement would be signed in June.

This is one of the oldest universities after Sorbonna. Many outstanding persons like Francis Backon, Rene Descartes etc. were alumni of Poitiers University, said Olga Prokhorova.

Next, the delegation visited Sofia Antipolis Univercity in Nice, The teachers met the vice principal for international communications Prof. Jean Marten Cristoph. The sides discussed final variants of two agreements concerning masters; programs and double diplomas for masters and postgraduates.

The teachers gave lections, visited colleagues classes in French and English and met 14 students of BelSU who studies at Sofia Antipolis.

In 16th of April the teachers from Sofia Antipolis Nadia Fuks, Beatrix Pernel and Odille Gane will visit BelSU to give lections and take part in international scientific conference Modern problems of language Studies, literature studies, cross-cultural communication and lingvodidactics .

T. Kulikova

 T. Kulikova


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