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Golden MedSkill

Students team from BelSU won the IV National Practical Medicine Olympics in Resuscitation Skill - CPR

The Olympics was organized at Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. 48 students teams from leading medical universities of Russia, Armenia, Kirghizia, Belorussia and China. BelSU Medical Institute was represented by the 4-6 year students: Tatiana Galkina (captain of the team), Vladislav Sidorenko, Zalina Nagornaya, Yulia Orlova, Irina Krivoshapova. The team was guided by assistant professor of Faculty Therapy Subdepartment Maria Gayvoronskaya.

The Olympics tasks included challenges in following specialties: NurseSkill, Urgent Skill, Resuscitation Skill, X-RaySkill, ECG Skill and students actions in a simulated clinical event (emergency treatment of an electrocuted person). The board of judges evaluated the professional training of future doctors and team work.

Lectures and workshops were also organized for participants. Sergei Ternovoi, academic of RAS, gave a lection: Methods of X-ray Diagnostics in cardiological hospital. Master-class Ways of severey injured patients medical transportation was given by representatives of Federal Medical& Biological Agency of Russia.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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