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The first international research laboratory

The students of BelSU got an opportunity to take part in international scientific research work

Students Construction Office where postgraduates and students can get an experience in experimental radiation physics for working at large Russian and foreign projects, was created at International Radiation Physics Laboratory of BelSU. Science and technic cooperation agreements were signed by BelSU, John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science (UK) and Ecuador National Polytechnic School. The Laboratory united BelSU, Lebedev Institute of Physics, MSU, John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science (UK), Ecuador National Polytechnic School and international collaboration for the search of dark matter DarkSide.

Such broad cooperation requires many specialists and creates advantageous conditions for young scientists, students and postgraduates. The Students Construction Office will become a new ground where young researches would experiment in radiation physics and take part in research work for major Russian and foreign projects.

Students and postgraduates of corresponded member of RAS, Nikolai Sibeldin, doctor of physics and mathematics.

 Aleksandr Kubankin


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