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The report of BelSU postgraduate was declared the best one on International Congress

XIV International Congress Blischenko Readings, took place in Moscow at Peoples Friendship University of Russia, united near 400 representatives of more than 40 states

The most important problems of international law were discussed at 14 scientific panels leaded by major international lawyers of Russia.

Postgraduates and masters degree students from Belgorod took part in seven panel meetings: Africa and International Law, 20 years of Russia in Council of Europe: results and perspectives, 50th Anniversary of International Pacts of Human Rights , New threats and challenges of international Law, Actual problems of international law, Integrational Law in the system of International Law. Professor of BelSU Elena Safronova managed the theory of International Law The report of BelSU postgraduate Tigran Oganesyan was declared the best one among postgraduates works. Tigran worked after the guidance of Prof. Elena Safronova.

Blischenko Readings is the largest International Law forum at the former USSR territory.

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