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Volleyball Festival

The International volleyball Festival took place in the Sports complex named after Svetlana Khorkina. The event was dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the University and to the Day of Medical Worker

Students of the Medicine Institute took part in the volleyball festival.There were students from China, India, African Republics and Russia. The games were held among girls, boys and mixed teams.

Games were interesting. We could see the cooperative game. The team Panda was the best girls team, the team Vikas was the beat among boys, and the team Dailydgit was the best among the mixed teams, - said the Associate Professor of the Physical Education Department Svetlana Goncharuk

The most active players were Ankit Sihag (gr. 03011422), Yulia Tatarintseva (gr. 03011417), Anastasia Morozova (gr. 03011529), Alain Savenkova (gr. 03011508) and Changhan Tongsin (gr. 03011421).

The event was organized by the staff of the Physical Education Faculty of the Pedagogy Institute of the BelSU.

 Faculty of Physical Education


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