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The Principal of BelSU Oleg Polukhin spoke of new enrollment campaign features

During press-conference The Principal spoke about the most demanded professions, new specialties, education quality etc  

The press-conference of The Principal Oleg Polukhin was dedicated to Enrollment Campaign 2016. During the meeting he spoke about highly demanded professions and new specialties which will be opened at the university; the quality of education and Universitys 140th Anniversary events. Online translation of the press-conference was available at BelSU official site and at Periscope.

Answering the question about education fee, The Principal said that the university wont raise it but the number would be indexed for inflation level within 6,4%. The Principal reminded that there is a co-financing system for students of some specialties: if the student has only good grades, the university covers some of his/her educational expenses. This is a good stimuli for students.

This year the university will open new specialties: Biotechnical systems and technologies (bachelor degree) and Pedagogical education (Management in education) (master degree). The Principal explained that these specialties are of the most demanded for main branches: medicine and education. The first one will allow training of unique specialists who will be able to work with sophisticated medical equipment. The second one is a good opportunity for teachers who want to improve their qualification and get a new professional level.

Labor market changes rapidly nowadays. Educational facilities must react on such processes correcting educational programs, said The Principal. New directions are our answer to challenges of our time.

Among highly demanded directions The Principal also mentioned Medicine, Pedagogic, Law and Economy.

The Principal was also asked about international cooperation: internship and double diplomas.

We have more than 140 valid treaties with foreign universities; tenths of them provides semester education in partner university or education by conjoint educational programs. Now, more than 100 our students are studying in Netherlands, Poland, Germany, France and China, said Oleg Polukhin. Fifteen cooperational educational programs provides double diplomas.

Beginning with this year the university will issue European supplement to the Diploma Diploma Supplemen, which provides education level acknowledgment by international employees and educational facilities. This official document was developed by European Commission, European Council and UNESCO. It gives a right to continue education or be employed in European states.

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