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BelSU graduate the prize winner of Russian Best Doctor Award

Kirill Kitachev became an award winner of Priznaniye-2016 Medical Award among plastic surgeons and transplant surgeons

The team of surgeons and transplant surgeons including Kirill Kitachev performed a unique face transplantation surgery for the electrocuted young man. Civil and military doctors transplanted complex of face tissue with cartilages and mucous membrane of the nose to 19 y. o patient. It is a first surgery of that kind, so the team of surgeons from various universities met up with various difficulties as the search of an imported face and negotiations with donors relatives. The surgery took more than twenty-four hours. Now the patient is on his rehabilitation at Military Medicine Academy.

The medical team was awarded with prestigious medical award Priznaniye in the nomination For medical help to patients injured in wars, terroristic acts and natural disasters.

25 years ago Kirill Kitachev graduated from BelSU Medical College. It became a foundation of his medical career.

Now he is a Candidate of Medical Sciences and the head of vascular surgery department of Kirov Military and Medical Academys hospital.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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