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An internship with Erasmus+ academic mobility program

Assistant Professor of BelSU Instiute of Economy completed an internship at Varna Univrsity of Management due to the winning of Erasmus+ grant

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Programme EU program focused of modernization and development of educational systems. The program is aimed at integration of higher educational facilities into united system by various forms of cooperation.

Only two applications from Russia passed to the program: Naiba Sadykhova (Plekhanov Economic University of Russia) and Svetlana Kucheryavenko (BelSU). The other winners were from Poland, Serbia, Jordan, Albania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Moldavia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Turkey etc.

Trainings included presentations and interactive seminars and meetings concerning network cooperation. According to Svetlana Kucheryavenko, an internship allows to broke the barriers between educational systems of various countries and create an environment for organization of united educational space, stimulating various forms of international cooperation.

An agreement about development of cooperational educational problem with universities of Belorussia and Armenia became an additional advantage.

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