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Jubilee dates of the University

At the day of its 140th Anniversary BelSU also celebrates the 20th Anniversary of becoming the classical university

BelSU is one of the latest classical universities in Russian educational system. At the 12th of July BelSU celebrates a remarkable jubilee. At the 12th of July 1996 Olminsky State Pedagogical Institute began its new life as Belgorod State University by the Order from the President of Russian Federation.

The change of status required changes in all directions of its activities in line with the requirements for classical universities. In a short span of time BelSU became large scientific and educational complex, regional center of psychological, pedagogical, humane and Natural sciences and projects.

At 2000-s the university campus began to grow and swiftly became one of the most technically equipped and comfortable in Russia.

Now BelSU is at the leading positions in many types of activities. It is also a member of Association of Leading Russian Universities.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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