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The scientists from BelSU found Scythian sacred site

The researchers fr om Belgorod state University found a place wh ere ancient Scythians performed a magic rite

During archeological excavations near Petropavlovka village (Chernyanka district), performed by the scientists from BelSU and young archeologists from Gubkin school history club the place of magic rite, probably of Scythian origin, was found. The scientists found a part of horses scull and a vessel lying side by side, as a proof of weapon enchantment ceremony.

The fortress of ancient people was situated there in 6-4 century BC. We have been excavating this site for two years now with the support of the State Guard of Cultural Heritage in Belgorod region, BelSU and administration of Olshanets rural settlement, - said an assistant professor of BelSU Russian History and Document Science Subdepartment Vladimir Sarapulkin.

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