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BelSU Improves teaching in English

An international team of coaches discussed important questions of teaching in English with the representatives of BelSU institutes of Medicine and Law

BelSU International Summer Language School continues to effectively improve language skills of students and teachers of BelSU.

At the meeting of the unique discussion club the teachers from BelSU Institute of Law and BelSU Institute of Medicine met the team of the Schools coaches: Michael Binyon, James Brankin and Valentin Doborovich. Theyve discussed teaching in English and English programs of medical and non-language courses, together with the ITs influence on educational process.

There is an idea of the Zone of proximal development. This notion was introduced for the first time by Soviet scientist Lev Vygotsky. It is an area of learning that occurs when a person is assisted by a teacher or peer with a skill set higher than that of the subject. Zone of proximal development is, in fact, a starting point for further education. If the pupil meet excellent teachers at that point, he would most likely succeed, said the director of BelSU Center of International Language Education and Academic Mobility Larisa Tsurikova.

According to the words of BelSU International Summer Language School Kseniya Vorobyova, such meetings with native speakers is are the one more step in continuous English teaching education.

 Ulyana Moskvitina


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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