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The scientists discuss food and ecological safety at BelSU

VII Convention of  V. Dokuchaev Agrologists Society and National Scientific Conference Agrology to food and ecological safety of the country were opened at BelSU

More than 300 scientists, agrarians, researchers, agro chemists, agrologists and meliorators from Russia, Poland, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan came to BelSU.

The convention was opened by RAS correspondent member, president of V. Dokuchaev Agrologists Society, dean of MSU Agrology Department Sergei Shoba: The motto of our convention is: Agrology to food and ecological safety of the country. Economic and political situation demands the development of agriculture for rational use of soil.

The Governor of Belgorod Region Eugeniy Savchenko greeted the guests on behalf of the government of Belgorod region.

You perform a great mission, you take care of ecologic health of soil, saving and improving its fertility for the living and future generations. You save the life on the planet. I want to thank you for this convention. We see it as a positive evaluation of Belgorod Regions activities in saving and restoring of soil fertility and harmonizing the environment, he said.

The principal of BelSU Oleg Polukhin also mentioned the significance of the forum, which, according to him, honors the university.

It is especially nice to have such event on our 140th Jubilees eve. We realize 54 scientific courses including agrology, which is relatively young for our university. Agrology is teached to geography students, ecology and natural resource management students by graduates of MSU. It guarantees strong connection with Moscow school of agrology.

This week the participants exchange professional experience at panel and plenary meetings, determine the ways of agrology development in science and practice and get acquainted with Belgorod colleagues experience in introduction of scientific approaches into agricology.

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