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A science-driven project Zirconium Pro was established

BelSU became one of the founders the project of the enterprise for wide range of technical ceramics

The project of the technical ceramics oriented enterprise was began in August 2016. One of the founders of the project is BelSU.

Thanks to wide range of universitys equipment, the research of ceramic materials, creation of first samples and beginning of small volume manufacturing became possible. The enterprise made the first samples of ceramic isolators, melting pots, mill barrels, mill bodies. All samples were highly praised by customers.

There have been no technical or engineering ceramics of such quality in Belgorod Region before. The main customers are home industrial enterprises. The production would be sold at the Belgorod region and abroad. The working title of the project is Zirconium Pro. You may learn more about experimental samples at our website, said the head of BelSU Commerce Department Orest Ivaschuk.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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