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The Knowledge Day will rock at BelSU

On the 1st of September the students of BelSU and all citizens can enjoy the celebration, sports competition, the concert of pop-singer MakSim and fireworks

8:30AM a service at Archangel Gabriels Church of BelSU

9:40AM an opening ceremony of memorial tablet dedicated to Belgorod philosopher, critic and publicist of XIX century Nikolai Strakhov at the wall of BelSU Social and Theology Department

10AM a parade of graduates and members of The Scientific Council will begin from Cathedral of the Transfiguration

10:40AM The Knowledge Day Meeting at the university square in front of BelSU main campus building

12:00AM Students Club Fair

14:00PM Choreography master classes

16:00PM The concert of The Principals Brass Orchestra and Handmade Fair

17:00PM Sports Ground and Animation Ground begin their work near Svetlana Khorkina Sports Center

18:10PM Gymnastics performance, kickboxing, taekwondo

18.30PM The concert of BelSU art clubs and the mirror show

20:00 PM The concert of popular Russian singer Sim

20:55 PM The Principal of BelSU Prof. Oleg Polukhin will congratulate students with the beginning of the new academic year.

21:00PM The firework.

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