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BelSU opened the new academic year

The new academic day in the anniversary year of the university began with an academic parade and celebratory assembly.

The first on the celebratory assembly devoted to the beginning of the new academic year and the year of 140th anniversary of BelSU the collective body of the university and students met the members of academic parade i.e. members of Board of Studies and graduate students headed by the Principal of BelSU Oleg Polukhin.

The activists of the Student Union of BelSU, representatives of foreign communities from 79 countries, students of Pedagogical institute, Medical institute and Medical college, students of the Law institute, Management institute, Economic institute, institute of Cross-cultural communication and international relations, institute of Engineering technology and natural science and faculties i.e. faculty of Theology and social science, faculty of Mining and natural resource management headed by directors of institutes and deans of faculties went in orderly rows accompanied by Principals brass band in front of the students, professors and guests of the event.

The Principals brass band played the national anthem of the Russian Federation. The members of the ensemble of sport ball dance Belogorochka and the group of pop ball dance Vdochnovenie performed the choreographic composition Waltz Gavotte. After the solemn entry before the audience there were students in stylized costumers of high-school students of the 19th century and students of the 20th and 21st centuries. The members of the Studio of modern dance Dancehouse performed the dance illustrating the students everyday life.

By tradition of university the opening of the new academic year began with welcome speech of honorable guests, the Trustees of the university who came to share the joy of the event together with students and professors.

With the beginning of university way and the new academic year the university and students were congratulated by the Chairman of the Belgorod Regional Duma, the member of the BelSU Board of Trustees, the Chairman of the organizational committee on preparation to celebration of the 140th anniversary of the founding of the university Vasiliy Potryasaev, the head of Department of professional education and science of internal and personnel policy of Belgorod region Albina Buchek, director of the Belgorod branch of PJSC Rostelecom Grigory Kuzmenko, the Deputy Governor of the Belgorod branch 8592 PJSC Sberbank of Russia Andrey Tsypchenko. The honorable guests wished the freshmen happy studentship and the university development and prosperity.

With parting words and greeting to the students, professors, parents and guests of the event asked the Principal of BelSU Pr. Oleg Polukhin. He reminded the audience about the glorious history of the university and the traditions handed down from generation to generation. Oleg Nikolaevich pointed out that this year the best graduates will be awarded a medal Worthy revived in honor of the 140th anniversary of the university and wished the freshmen to follow the way of excellent graduates.

Today more than 24 million students begin the new academic year in our university. Among them 6 thousand freshmen firstly step over the threshold of our university. I wish you to remember the glorious history of the university, develop and multiply traditions of the previous generations. Ahead you have a hard, intense but very interesting and memorable stage in life. In all its diversity the most important, of course, is study, said Oleg Nikolaevich.

After the Principals words on the university square appeared a coach which to the audience came the Muse of Knowledge, the Muse of Science and the Muse of Creativity. The Muses congratulated the freshmen with a new stage in life and invited the Principal Oleg Polukhin to give the students the Key of Knowledge. In addition the Principal and students launched into the sky balloons with numbers 140.

In fraternity the undergraduates gave the new students a student card. After the solemn handing the guests of the event were pleased with the cool fireworks.

The freshmen were sworn in and promised to bear with dignity the high rank of Students of the University.

The members of the children studio-school Veresk prepared the surprise for freshmen. The boys said the parting words and sang the song Eternal engine.

The right to give the first bell was presented by the freshmen Kirill Semichev and Elena Kazlitina. Then over the university square were released 140 balloons in full color of the Russian flag.

At the end of the celebratory assembly the soloists of art-studio Veresk performed the hymn of the university and the leading of the event reminded the freshmen the table of events.

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