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A diploma for Olympic champion

The Principal of BelSU Oleg Polukhin gave a Masters Diploma to Olympic Champion Boxer Eugeniy Tischenko,  

From the name of BelSU Oleg Polukhin thanked Eugeniy and his fellow sportsmen for sports skills and awarded him at the headquarters of the regional sports organization Federatsiya Boxa.

Belgorod region is relatively small, but we managed to worthily represent our country at the Olympic games in Rio, to train excellent sportsmen, he said.

The principal assured the audience that along with the title kinds of sports in the region, combat sports and sports games would advance in Belgorod Region.

Olympic Champion Eugeniy Tischenko and prizewinners Vitaliy Dunaitsev and Vladimir Nikitin were awarded by the Belgorod Regional Sports Organization Federatsiya Boxa.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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