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Youth Against Terror

335 white balloons were released into the sky by "BelSU" students in the day of solidarity in the fight against terrorism

The action "Youth Against Terror" took place in the Belgorod State University in a day of solidarity in the fight against terrorism. The event was organized by "BelSU" and the Department of the youth policy of the Belgorod administration.

Pro-rector for cultural and educational activities of "BelSU" Svetlana Ostrikova addressed to the young people at the university squere:

"On this day we mourn for all the innocent victims who are killed by terrorists every day. We know that the ranks of terrorists get those people who have no inner core, do not understand the brutal ideology of terror, its false ideas. Only together we can speak out against terror. "

The hosts reminded the young people that in the past 10 years 60 major terrorist attacks had been committed in Russia. They killed about 2 000 people, injured nearly 5000 people.

"Young people! Know that it is good to live in Russia, love your country, to have a family, higher education. Man is born to do good things. I urge you: be friends and be in solidarity ", - said the Head of youth policy department of Belgorod Administration, Vladimir Merzlikin.

The abbot of the "BelSU" house church of the Archangel Gabriel Julian Gogolyuk urged young people to respect the Christian commandment, to show mercy and compassion. "Follow the path of good, the way of Jesus Christ, and you will overcome all obstacles," called out the priest.

A minute of silence was declared in sign of the blessed memory of all victims of the terrorism. Soloists of show - group "Exclusive" of "BelSU" Youth Culture Center sang the composition "My Russia".

And at the end of the memorial gathering audience released into the sky 335 balloons on the number killed by terrorists in Beslan on September, 3, 2004.

Every year, on September 3 Russia marks the Day of Solidarity in the fight against terrorism. This memorable date was established in 2005 by the federal law "On the days of military glory of Russia" and is associated with the tragic events in Beslan (North Ossetia, on September 1-3, 2004), when militants seized one of the city schools. As a result of the terrorist attack at the school number 1 more than three hundred people were killed, among them more than 150 children.

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