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Seeds of science and import substitution

The grand opening of science laboratory "Modern methods in plant research" took place in conjunction with the "NGO Rusagro-Seeds" took place at BelSU

The new lab is organized as a result of cooperative actions of the "BelSU", "NGO Rusagro-Seeds" and Yerevan State University. It will conduct works aimed at restoring the gene pools of rare plants, in particular sugar beet. Previously, the fund of the crop was lost. The reproduction of plants is based on a modern method of micropropagation of plant breeding, which accelerates the process of breeding and improves planting material, resistant to infections.

Symbolic red ribbon was cut by Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation "BelSU" Igor Konstantinov and administrative director of the NGO "Rusagro-seeds" Jacov Lyubovedsky.

Igor Konstantinov stressed the importance of modern laboratorie for science and training of young professionals in Belgorod State University.

"Laboratory is the first step to long-term cooperation with our partners in the field of agriculture. It was created as part of the development of biological and chemical cluster in the region. I am confident that the new laboratory and modern innovative methods for studying plant facilities will be an impetus for the development of a new direction - the creation of new varieties in crop production ", - said Igor Sergeevich.

Deputy head of the department of agriculture and environmental reproduction - the chief of target programs management in crop farming Vasily Melnikov noted the importance of establishing such laboratories for the agricultural development of the Belgorod region and the import substitution process.

Administrative Director of the NGO "Rusagro-seeds" Jacov Lyubovedsky spoke about the prospects of cooperation with the Belgorod State University.

"Our task is to create competitive hybrids of sugar beet. For a long time of the insufficient funding in this area of crop farming we have lagged behind technologically. We have chosen the complicated direction. However, Belgorod State University has an excellent technology base and upscale professionals who are able to solve complex problems. I should note that two BelSU graduates work in Rusagro, although we searched for experts all over Russia", he said.

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