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The biggest khorovod of the planet

The students and the staff of the BelSU Institute of Management have represented the University at the festival of folk culture Uzorniy Khorovod

The students and the staff of the Department of tourism and socio-cultural service of Management Institute presented the Belgorod State National Research University at the festivals of national culture Patterned khorovod and Belgorodskaya Sloboda held in Grayvoron. In the cultural-park complex Petrovskaya krucha it was a massive, dynamic, vibrant, unique and unrepeatable event. Students and professors met with the skills of Belgorod artisans.

More than 5,480 people took part in a mass patterned night khorovod, which allowed setting a new record for the Planet. The representatives of BelSU have presented one of the 22 streets of the khorovod participated in building eight figures of the night khorovod.

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