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Run for the anniversary!

The staff of the Belgorod State University organized a race in honor of the upcoming 140-year anniversary of the university

In the race on the main avenue of the Belgorod about five hundred students, faculty and staff of the university headed by the rector, professor Oleg Polukhin ran from the BelSU housing number 1 to the training complex Svetlana Khorkina on the Pobedy street. In addition to student teams from each Institute and the Faculty of BelSU and rector, the race was attended by the team of the best athletes of all universities and colleges of the city and a team of university graduates.

"In our university, we focus on the development of physical culture and sports, and not only at the Faculty of Physical Culture, but in all institutes and faculties. For all the time we have prepared a large galaxy of outstanding athletes, winners of sports competitions of the highest level, dozens of champions of Russia, Europe and the world, 8 winners of the Olympic Games. Sport helps us to be strong not only in body but also in spirit and to achieve outstanding success in all areas of our business ", - said the rector giving marathon start.

Participants were welcomed by the head of the physical culture and sports department of Belgorod administration, a graduate of the BelSU Mikhail Noskov. He wished the prosperity for the university and new achievements in studies and sports and good mood for students.

Honorary guest of the marathon, which is also a graduate of the University, Honored Master of Sports of Russia in athletics and Russian Paralympic team member Yuri Nosulenko noted that it is a great pleasure for him to be with relay race participants and promote healthy lifestyles.

"This is a great opportunity to show how well we have developed the sport and where its origins are. And he goes, first of all, from the Belgorod State University ", - said Yuri Nosulenko.

Distance of 4 km was divided into eight stages. Each of them started at stops, where one team is replaced by another. At the last stage all have united, runners led by the rector of the University finished in front of USC Khorkina. In total, all the students have run 140 km. And at the finish line colorful dance program, a game of chess and darts, porridge and tea were waited for them.

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