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The Principal of BelSU Professor Oleg Polukhin met the winners of scientific competitions and educational grants.

The representatives of the scientific community of Belgorod State University e.g. young scientists, professors, students, post-graduate students, graduates, faculty and staff of the University took part in the meeting. Among those present at the meeting were the winners of national and international competitions, scholarship holders of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, managers and executives of grants, representatives of research groups and laboratories of BelSU.

Welcoming the participants the principal of BelSU Professor Oleg Polukhin greeted all present on the coming anniversary of the University and spoke about how the University is preparing to celebrate the holiday. The principal thanked the representatives of the scientific community for the fruitful work and promised to do everything possible to ensure that the University was pleased to study and work.

Our University is included in the Association of leading Russian universities and every year we try to strengthen and increase your standing in the world educational space. High positions of international rankings are the result of your scientific achievements. Therefore we will try to get the University for you created all conditions for performing research work and implementation of your projects, said Oleg Nikolayevich.

The Vice-principal for scientific and innovative activities of BelSU Igor Konstantinov noted the success of the University in research activities, stressing that the number of young scientists in recent years have grown more than twice.

We are moving forward due to the success of our scientists. And now our main goal is to increase the number of people involved in research work. To achieve this goal we have developed important strategic tasks. These are strengthening of scientific and educational authority of the University, the growth of international recognition and increased demand for the development of our scientists among the public and business. We will make every effort to implement these tasks, said Igor Sergeyevich.

The young scientists e.g. Doctors of Sciences: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Assistant Professor of Department of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics of the Institute of Engineering Technology and Natural Sciences of BelSU Alexander Kubankin and Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor of Department of English Philology and Intercultural Communication of the Institute of Intercultural Communication and International Relations of BelSU Irina Kuprieva shared the results of scientific achievements with colleagues. They spoke about their work in scientific teams and stressed the importance of exchange of experience with Russian and foreign colleagues not only for faculty but also for students, postgraduates and graduates.

After discussion of the results of research work of BelSU the representatives of the scientific community of the University asked the principal the questions concerning the promotion of interest in science among young people, the possibilities of free education in doctoral programs, funding of research work and others. Oleg Polukhin promised to solve existing problems in a short time and noted that one of the primary tasks is to ensure the possibility of funding research of young scientists.

Our students, graduate students and postgraduates who have achieved high results in science should receive remuneration for participation in research work. We should provide them such an opportunity by creating a special Fund, said Oleg Nikolayevich.

At the end of the meeting the principal called upon the scientists to make suggestions to improve the activities of the University.

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