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Congratulations with 140th Anniversary of the university from Chairman of Chinese Council of Rectors of SCOU Professor Sun Yuhua

On behalf of the Chinese Council of Rectors of USCO and myself, I congratulate you on the 140th anniversary of the foundation of your university!

140-years history of the University entrusted to you is a convincing proof of its importance and one of the important arguments of reliability of our partnership with you.

Cooperation between our universities grows on track steadily, gradually reaching a new level. Strengthening international educational integration and convergence of the state development strategies give us these interesting development opportunities.

I am convinced that our friendship and cooperation will be strengthened on the basis of mutual trust and goodwill and we will achieve even greater success! I wish you personally good health and success in your work! I wish prosperity to our universities!

Chairman of Chinese Council of Rectors of SCOU,

Professor Sun Yuhua

 Chairman of Chinese Council of Rectors of SCOU, Professor Sun Yuhua


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