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The unique laboratory of functional diagnostics and the 3D-modeling center-training class of dental department of BelSU Medical Institute were opened on the basis of the children's dental clinic in Belgorod

According to the head of the Department of Prosthetic Dentistry of the Central Research Institute of Dentistry (Moscow), Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Alexander Ryakhovsky, the uniqueness of the functional diagnostics laboratory and 3D-modeling center-class is in the specially designed program, which even before the start of treatment makes use of modern technology to design and agree the entire treatment with the patient.

Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Professor Alexander Tsimbalistov noted that the opening of the laboratory of functional diagnostics and 3D-modeling center-class in a joint social project of improvement of the quality of dental care for children in Belgorod and Belgorod region, will lead the provision of medical services and training in dentistry to a new level.

"Today doctor has very few diagnostic tests and pathology can be difficult. Therefore the extension of diagnostic capabilities, improved treatment planning is required in order to achieve the best results ", - said Alexander Viktorovich.

The laboratory of functional diagnostics can significantly extend the diagnostic capabilities of dentistry by evaluating posturologic characteristics of the body, assessing the state of microcirculatory bloodstream, general hemodynamic, the immune status of the patient.

In the presentation, Professor Alexander Ryakhovskiy told about the equipment in a laboratory, noting that to date not a single institution of dental profile of the country has similar educational structures.

"This is the latest trend in dentistry, the probability of error is practically zero. 3D-modeling class is meant for solving clinical and educational applications. Training class of this functionality is the first created in Russia ", - said Alexander Nikolaevich.

Head doctor of Belgorod dental clinic Elena Oleynik drew guests' attention to the fact that the examenation of the patient takes about 60 minutes. Up to 12 people per day will be able to receive adequate medical care.

BelSU rector, Professor Oleg Poluhin noted the need to build medical and educational processes and in the future prepare commercial offers for children's dental clinics and children's clinics in the region. Oleg Nikolaevich thanked the partners and wished fruitful work for the benefit of medicine Belgorod and Russia to the staff of dental clinics.

Note that the new technology will be used to help not only children but also adults. It is possible to lead 3D-modeling and diagnostics remotely, on the basis of impressions and tomograms sent from other dental clinics.

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