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Dialogue of cultures

The meeting of Russian and Serbian students called An image of Serbia and Russia in Dialogue students club of BelSU Institute of Management  

The head of Sociology and Youth Activities Subdepartment Inna Shapovalova greeted the students. She said that thresearch, that would be introduced and discussed during the meeting plays an important role for sociology.

Students from Serbia demonstrated the short movie Russia as viewed by Serbian students, where they emphasized the rich culture and picturesque nature of our country. Theyve also presented a research made by Serbian demographists about Russia. Russian students, on the other hand, presented a short movie Serbia as viewed by Russian Students and told about Serbian history.


BelSU Institute of Management Sociology and Youth Activities Subdepartment cooperate for many years. Involvement of students, their learning of foreign culture and traditions has great significance for development of cooperation and friendship.

 BelSU Institute of Management


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