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An alloy harder than titanium

The scientists from BelSU have developed a composite alloy titanium-titanium-boron, which can be used for supertough medical and aerospace devices

The scientists of BelSU Material Studies and Nanotechnology have created a unique composite alloy based on titanium and titanium-boron alloy. It resembles bees cells or mosaic: its walls consist of more tough and hard titanium boride, and its voids are filled with softer titanium.

The properties of titanium boride have been well-known, but the scientists couldnt shape it without destructing the material.

Medical instruments made of this composite would be lighter than their steel analogues. Due to its properties it will allow to operate in magnetic field.

For further information you may read an article in Material&Design magazine.

  BelSU and ria.ru


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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