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Maridance gold

Dance group won 7 medals at the XX World Dance Show Championship

The championship took place in German city Riza. It united more than 3 00o performers from 35 countries. Maridance brought Russian team 4 gold medals, 1 silver and 2 bronze ones.

The first place among juniors went to Maridance solo dancer Arina Yakimenko; adult dancer Ekaterina Ivanova also won gold. Olga Vyzovskaya and Svetlana Potryasaeva were acknowledged as the best duet, and young dancers got a golden medal in one of the most prestigious nominations: formation.

An idea of the spot, choreography and dancers' skill brought gold to our country. The dancers got out the main message: save the planet despite all conflicts, said the experts.

For the 20 years of the championship Maridance became the first Russian ensemble which won 4 golden medals in one competition. In December 2016 Maridance will celebrate its 18th anniversary

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