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BelSU revives a tradition

BelSU literature and philosophy club told about long-term cooperation of the great Russian writer F. Dostoevskiy and critic N. Strakhov

The students, postgraduates and masters from Russia, Brazil and Ecuador. Theyve discussed long-term cooperation between the great Russian writer F. Dostoevskiy and critic N. Strakhov. Club members and guests discussed relevance of the ideas of Crime and Punishment novel and students perception of Raskolnikovs personality.

Not only students, but also leading scientists of BelSU Social and Theology Department, and specialists in Russian mentality and philosophical anthropology have joined the discussion.

Particular attention was drawn to the problem of the understanding of Russian classic literature in the context of modern culture.
The meeting ended with a traditional tea party.

Guests got an opportunity to look at the exhibition of rare books, intravital publications of Dostoevskiy, Strakhov, Tolstoy etc.

 Prof. P. Olkhov, BelSU Phylosophy and Theology Subdepartment, A. Masalov, Strakhov Library Museum

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